Our Approach

What makes MDCPs approach different from other firms?


When choosing a Mergers and Acquisition firm to represent your company, it is important to find a firm that fits your needs and has proven success in closing companies just like yours.

Multiple Buyers


Maximum Value

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The Engagement Process:

You have a story, and we want to know it, because knowing it will bring you maximum financial value!

MDPC’s goal is to present your company and its sources of excellence in the most advantageous way possible.

The Valuation Process:

MDCPs has a strategic method of evaluating the current market placement and works with your team to determine an initial valuation for your company.

Determining valuation for a private company is complex. MDCP has a strategic methodology for evaluating the current market, comparable sales and intangible value.

This process has been highly successful in leading buyers out of their accounting-model of value. This results in generating a premium for the intangible value in your pipeline of future business, your hard-won reputation and strong customer base. We will work with you and your team to create an initial valuation range for your company to maximize you.

The Marketing Process:

MDCP’s decades of experience and extensive list of proprietary public companies, private equity and family office acquirers allow us to target publicly-traded, U.S. and international companies to secure a buyer for your company.

Our experience representing private, often family-owned businesses, allows us to understand the sensitivities involved with customers, employees and vendors. That’s why we’ve created our unique, confidential private auction process.

We will generate a comprehensive “Confidential Information Memorandum” (CIM). This effectively relay the essential information on your company to prospective acquirers.

Before the CIM is sent, we use a brief “blind” profile, which does not identify your company, but contains information acquirer’s need to execute an NDA and receive the CIM.

This enables a process which allows you, the seller, to know everything about potential buyers before they know the identity and details of your company.

The Buyer Process:

We know that you do not want to expose your sensitive information to critical competitors. Our process allows you to approve or decline a prospect before we send out information.

Once you approve our contacts, we:

  • Control the flow of information under strict non-disclosure agreements

  • Keep follow up conversations limited to only “need-to-know” personnel

  • Limit meetings to off-site locations away from curious employees.


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The Negotiation Process:

Premium valuations for private companies are generated by leveraging multiple buyers bidding against each other.

A premium valuation includes the intangibles in your company:

  • Your backlog of future business

  • Your excellent reputation,

  • The strong customer base

  • Other values not reflected in your financial statement.

It is critical that this multi-buyer negotiation be conducted in a tightly-controlled, confidential process.

The Due Diligence and Closing Process:

Once you have a buyer, we guide you through the letter of intent, due diligence, and closing. MDCP stays with you every step of the way making sure this process is efficient and nothing falls through the cracks.

The Your Sold Process:

Whether you are ready for retirement, scaling back or moving on to another venture, WE at McDonald Dalton Capital Partners, are your trusted partner that cares about the how, why, when of getting your business sold.